Wandering Women

Wandering Women is a Home Counties based lesbian walking group.
Sheep on a Wandering Women walk Winter berries on a Wandering Women walk
Walks take place every other Sunday beginning at 10.30 a.m.
Walks are led by members of the group and are usually
between 5 and 7 miles long, so often finish early afternoon.

We are a very relaxed and friendly group
and our walks are enjoyable as much for the lively conversations
as for the walking, the countryside and the fresh air of a Sunday morning.
And if we can contrive to finish at a local hostelry for a drink, we do.

Although many of us are also members of Women’s Link,
there is no membership needed and no fees to join us on our walks.

If you are interested in joining us one Sunday
please contact   Julia

To Wander or Not to Wander?

If you think you just might….well, let me tell you my experience and maybe you'll be persuaded to come one Sunday. I came on a walk one Sunday after meeting a regular Wanderer on a women's walking holiday (see our links page - Out & About). I like to walk, not too far and not too high, but I like to walk and it sure gets lonely to walk by yourself so to walk with other women my only choice (I thought) was a holiday a few times a year.
When I heard about the Wandering Women… well, I determined to go. But, oh, was I nervous. I'm not good at going alone into a group of people I don't know. Will I be welcomed? Will anyone talk to me? Will I be left out? Will it be hard to make conversation? All my insecurities raise their ugly heads. I needn't have worried!! I was made to feel more than welcome, everyone made a point of talking with me and including me. I felt accepted right from the start. They say first impressions are true impressions. My impressions on that first walk with the Wandering Women have proven more than true over the years. I've enjoyed no end of fascinating conversations on every subject under the sun - books, movies, DIY, pink Robin Reliants, pets and their foybles (do I really remember a conversation about how to bath your cat by getting into the bath with it - or was it about a dog…..?), jobs and dreams, holidays, health, family…..you name it, I've had a conversation about it. No one was ever annoyed when I (or anyone else) was late. No one complained the day I was leading and we'd walked a whole field before I realised I'd gone wrong. I've laughed, shared views, received ideas and above all friendship no matter how seldom I've managed to go.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention (but this is about a walking group, so I'd better), I've also enjoyed some great walks with everything this County has to offer - bluebells, wild animals (that's Woburn - you get to see elephants for free if you walk the right way), expansive views (yes, there are some around and about), quiet woods, crisp snow, deer, hill forts, rippling wheat fields - and a statistically very small incidence of mud and rain (can it be we have a good weather fairy in our midst).
Have I wetted you appetite? Well, that was the idea! I look forward to seeing you on a walk soon.

A.C. - Women's Link member and Wandering Women regular